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Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
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An arm’s length look at contact lens options for presbyopia



2:00 pm

18 June 2023

Room 1

Stream 1 - Contact Lenses - Presentation 3



Talk Description

This presentation will encourage optometrists to consider the many different methods of presbyopia correction with contact lenses, both from the theoretical perspective as well as from the perspective of a real-life contact lens wearing presbyope – me! Participants will learn the visual optics logic and the clinical fuzzy logic required to navigate their way through prescribing contact lenses for presbyopia. Covering custom presbyopia correcting contact lenses through to how to use shopping bags to assess your success, this is a lighthearted look at an important part of optometric contact lens practice.

Learning Objective:
  • To understand the visual optics and prescribing patterns necessary for successful prescribing of contact lenses for presbyopia.




David Stephensen -