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Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
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Dr Emily Pieterse

Lecturer - Queensland University of Technology

Professional Bio

Dr Emily Pieterse is a lecturer within the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a clinical, teaching and research focus centred on myopia aetiology and control. Dr Pieterse provides lectures and clinical supervision to Master of Optometry students in areas of myopia control, ocular therapeutics and primary care optometry and combined these specialties to develop the first Australian university-based myopia control clinic at QUT in 2015. Dr Pieterse’s research areas include mechanisms of myopia development, accommodation and near work, ocular imaging technology and myopia, myopia control contact lens designs, and, more recently, low dose atropine. Dr Pieterse’s research has been published in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals and presented at domestic and international conferences. 

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