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Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
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Good Vision For Life

Good Vision For Life


About Good Vision For Life

Good vision for life

Since its launch in September 2016, millions of Australians claim to have been motivated to make an appointment with an optometrist as a result of Optometry Australia’s Good vision for life campaign.

There has also been an 8.5% increase in consumers who now consider it important to see an optometrist annually*. 

Our Good vision for life campaign represents Optometry Australia’s commitment to promoting the role of optometrists and the need for regular eye examinations throughout life. 

All campaign activity encourages consumers to book an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination today.

Vision Index

Our Vision Index is an important resource that we have implemented to enhance the impact of the Good vision for life campaign. First released in 2020 just prior to the onset of the global pandemic, our Vision Index provides an insight into Australians’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours around maintaining their eye health. 

In 2020, the resulting report enabled Optometry Australia to generate unprecedented publicity in nation-wide consumer publications profiling eye health issues and highlighting the need to see an optometrist.

Given the pandemic, and the opportunities to highlight shifting attitudes, we felt it prudent to conduct similar research this year and a copy of the 2022 Vision Index will soon be available for members and stakeholders. 

For members, Optometry Australia is building a set of resources for you to use in your own marketing materials to drive patients into your practice. We will also invite you to attend a webcast to provide you with a summary of the key findings and how best to use the results. Stay tuned for further information. 

Find an optometrist search function

We believe it is important for consumers to locate an optometrist close to them, hence all members are profiled via our Find an optometrist search function which is found on our campaign website, as well as corporate website. Members can also help consumers make even more informed decisions by expanding their profiles and listing the range of services that they offer. You can do this by logging on to and then going to your membership profile.

Optometry Australia is now increasingly providing consumers with the opportunity to book an appointment directly with a practice by providing seamless connectivity between our search platform and members’ in-practice booking software.

With an active marketing campaign driving traffic to our websites, we would welcome more corporates and independents with online booking software to partner with us. This will benefit potential patients who are used to booking health appointments online. It also means you can share in the benefits and awareness we are generating. Contact us for further details.

Consumer marketing resources

Optometry Australia offers members access to a wide range of Good vision for life campaign assets that they can use in their own day-to-day patient promotions. These include:

Messages directly to consumers

We deliver key eye health information to thousands of consumers via our monthly Good vision for life electronic newsletter and via our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Our public relations programs also generate hundreds of stories published in Australian online, print and broadcast media channels annually. And you too could become a Good vision for life media ambassador and benefit from your practice being profiled within Australian media channels from time to time. Contact us for more information.

Get involved

Good vision for life is the only national campaign that highlights general consumer eye health awareness. It is a campaign developed for optometrists, so contact us today on 03 9668 8500 or email find out how to get involved.



*(Source: Good vision for life campaign impact survey conducted by I-view amongst Australians aged 18 and over, June 2017-2020 (sample sizes: ~1,100)


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Good Vision For Life Team