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Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
Optometry Virtually Connected 2023
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Stream 1 - Dry Eye - Presentation 1



10:30 am

17 June 2023

Room 1


Dry Eye


Session Program

Lifestyle choices we make often define the person we are and reflect the life we’ve chosen to live, but how often do we stop to think of the impact these choices might be having on the eyes’ surface? Diseases of the ocular surface, including dry eye disease, are becoming increasingly prevalent, adversely impacting quality of life for those affected. The recently completed TFOS Lifestyle Workshop, A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease, reviews the latest scientific evidence to help us learn more about a wide range of lifestyle choices and challenges that have the potential to affect the eyes. Across eight reports, over 150 experts from 38 countries have taken a deep dive into risk factors implicated in the development and propagation of ocular surface disease, exploring the impact of contact lenses, cosmetics, nutrition, the digital environment, elective medications and procedures, as well as environmental challenges, lifestyle challenges and societal challenges. This presentation will provide a summary of some of the key outcomes from this global consensus report, offer evidence-based recommendations for promoting optimal ocular surface health, and recognise the limits of current knowledge that are expected to drive research into the future, in our quest to offer the best eye care we can for our patients.

Learning objectives: 
  • To understand how ocular surface diseases can arise from, and be exacerbated by, common lifestyle choices such as diet and cosmetics
  • To understand the role local indoor and external environmental exposures play in driving the development of ocular surface diseases
  • To gain knowledge to help patients optimise quality of life using evidence-based recommendations, to minimise impacts of lifestyle choices and mitigate ocular surface disease development and propagation.